"Tea" is sweet tea that secretly contains rum. It is generally associated with Twill.

Twill's Tea

In real life, Twill does like sweet tea, but despises alcoholism.


"Tea" first appeared on the Route when ChocolateEevee linked to the remix of the "Why is all the rum gone?" scene from Pirates of the Carribean. At the same time, Twill was linking to a series of Kingdom Hearts videos in which tea made people act strangely, and was reenacting the video. The unspoken conclusion was that this "tea" was, in fact, rum. From this moment on, "tea" became a connotation for alcoholic beverages disguised as sweet tea.

"Tea" spree

Every so often, Twill would go on "tea" sprees, in which he enters spastic fits, jumps on people's heads, drags people around the room and/or gets dragged around the room. Due to dialect differences where the past tense of "drag" is "drug" instead of "dragged", however, "dragging" becomes mispelled as "drugging":

Twill: *drugs Poki off*

Sky: owo;

Frosti: uh...

Twill: |D *drags

Sky: we saw that mister >:1