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he make picture like this for people who request him on route 50.

AquaTail (a.k.a. Aqua) is a Route 50 member who joined in 2012. He is a fan of Darkrai, Lucario, and Glaceon. He is also a rather skilled artist, and occasionally takes art requests from his fellow Rt50ites. On the right is an example of his art.


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AquaTail's persona is a boy wearing a blue shirt, black jeans, and red shoes. He has brown eyes, black hair, and a blue Glaceon tail. He also sometimes wears a Glaceon-esque Sherpa cap.

My glaceon's dark form

AquaTail's pokesona. art work by AquaTail6


Aqua's Pokesona is a Glaceon with dark fur, icy-blue eyes, and mysterious patterns on its fur. The patterns are said to give off light during a blue moon. It is also said that this Glaceon can cause the moon to turn blue, once every 10 years.


AquaTail's abilities are Water and Ice. He can use his tail to protect himself from dangers with a flash-freeze attack. He can stay under the water up to 2 hours without having to come up. He can also turn into his Pokesona at will.

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