Bubblemotes are the standared set of emoticons on Route 50. They are based off of the speech/thought bubbles in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver which appear over the head of one's partner Pokemon when the player converses with it, hence the term "bubblemote".


Each bubblemote is assigned a codeword associated with the emotion that it conveys, though it does not always refer to the in-game use of the bubblemote. To use a bubblemote, one types in two colons, one before and one after the codeword. This will parse into the corresponding bubblemote in all official areas of the site: Forums, Chat, Bases, Comments, and even Galleries.

Some bubblemotes may have a second codeword, usually a text emote. Text emotes that start with a colon do not need an extra colon at the beginning. For example, one would type ":):" instead of "::):". The [noparse] and [code] BBcode tags will not prevent Bubblemotes from parsing. This is a list of bubblemotes on Route 50:

:smile:, :giggle:, :):
 :laugh:, :grin:, :^^:, :^_^:
 :ditto:, :woop:, :'_': 
 :lol: , :xD:
 :sad:, :(:
 :sob:, :cry:
 :swt:, :^^;:
 :spin:, :@_@:
 :tongue:, :P:
 :spit:, :PP:
 :wink:, :;):, 
 :meow:, :3:
 :la: , :note:
 :blush: , :o^^o:
 :gg:, :>):
 :mad:, :>:(: , :>(: 
 :uneasy:, :/:
 :hm:, :hmm:

Bubblemote keywords placed on the same line produce the same icon.

Special Bubblemotes

Route 50 also includes some custom bubblemotes that do not technically convey an emotion:


Not Bubbles

These are not in bubbles, but are technically bubblemotes as they are written similarly:

:win: and :fail: 

The :yawn: bubblemote currently does not exist and possbily never will, as it may possibly be (c) TEMCO, but no one knows for sure.