Buy more at Buymore!

Buymore is not an original Route 50 tradition. It was taken from the show Chuck by Grovyle.

Buymore has several branches, the most relevant of which is the Rt. 50 branch.

Route 50's Buymore

Route 50's Buymore, also known as Buymore Isshu was started by Grovyle. Her sole purpose was to bring more Chuck into the site, and it seems that she has succeeded. Buymore Isshu has a current number of 14 employees and is sill growing.The manager is Grovyle, the assistant manager is Timothy and the Almost Assistant manager is Cutie_Eevee. The Employees are divided into white shirts and green shirts. The employees are each entrusted with a job, Pope, for example, was charged with creating a motto. "Buy more at Buymore" is the current Motto. Timothy is currently working on a website for Buymore Isshu.(Its like the show,Grovyle sits on her but like Big Mike.) Buymore Isshu has a forum thread located in the Club section. Grovyle also sends out a news letter to every employee whenever a new contest for Buymore is released or she wants to tell them all something.

We have a policy against being mean, Smile with Service!

If you wish to become a slave an employee contact Grovyle. Each employee gets a drawing of them in uniform and a spot in Buymore journal!