Chamomile's pokesona (without the trimmings ;3)

Chamomile is a member at Route 50, having joined the site during EHQ v3. She has a habit of overusing the emoticon, :U, thus a clue to not take anything she says too seriously, and a habit of using unessisary multiple letters in some words. She uses and follows 'memes' and fads including 'NO U' and 'What is this I don't even'. She likes attention but is very shy, thus possibly known for randomly appearing and dissappearing from Route 50 and it's chatroom, missing major events and wishing to become actively online again. Chamomile 'scans' new people never before seen o
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Chamomile's Pokesona (made by Chamomile)

n the chat to see how much older in joining she is than them out of boredom and curiousity.

Chamomile enjoys reading useless but interesting things, preferably on Cracked or Wikipedia, writing, reading, playing Roblox and Minecraft, and making videos consisting of her kitten and cats in general, especially those pertaining to the Warrior Cats series. She is lonely and shy and enjoys making friends and because of that, tries to be nice, but can be evil for fun.

In the chat, Chamomile is carefree and enjoys experimenting with bbcoding or emoticons, and enjoys talking with others. She considers Twill and SkyWarrior to be two of her best friends, as she and Sky were two very close friends during 2008- the year when both of them joined. Chamomile also has obsessions with TEMCO.

Chamomile's pokesona is a Vaporeon, a callback to her old username, "mylittleVaporeon", despite the fact that currently she loves almost every pokemon just as much. Her pokesona is often seen with a yellow bandanna around it's neck, representing her love for Kida Masaomi. Is not often seen with glasses, because she never draws them when she draws any form of herself, despite the fact that she's been wearing glasses for over 5 years.

Initially known as mylittleVaporeon during the days of Eevee's HQ, she enjoyed writing extremely long journals about her day and talking to her friends, mostly SkyWarrior, though she never visited the forums. One day, she recieved a chain mail letter, and- unaware that chain mail was against the site rules- spread it on to her friends. However, one of her recipients- a person she wanted to become friends with, if she was not already friends with him or her- did not take kindly to the chain mail, and reported her. After admitting that she hadn't read the rules and apologizing, mylittleVaporeon decided to turn over a new leaf, and her name was changed to Chamomile.

Her love for Vaporeons continues, though she has come to take a liking to other Pokemon as well, and her Pokesona is a Vaporeon with a neon-yellow bandanna, also often seen with something orange and green.

Chamomile must also always get the last word.