A large wave, generated by numerous messages posted within in short time, is washing up on Rt. 50.

A chat flood is a minor cybernetic disaster occuring in the cbox in which the many chatters in the room produce a large sum of messages in a very short amount of time, effectively 'flooding' the cbox with messages, making it hard to follow one's conversation. Usually, a chat flood is the result of multiple, simultaneous conversations in the cbox at once, where the messages of each of the conversations become mingled and confused The effects of a chat flood are more pronounced in Google Chrome, where not only the cbox is flooded, but the member's screen as well, due to an overload of notifications. When one has lost the threads of the conversations completely, they are said to be 'drowning' in the chat flood.

Chat Droughts

A Chat Drought is the opposite of a chat flood, where there are so few messages in the chat during normally active hours that the cbox is said to be dying of thirst. Chat Droughts are also known as Chat Deaths, and are usually treated as such.