The Chat Tower is a tall square tower that shines like glass from Route 50's main square, standing as the central nexus of the community's social communication. It is located on the other side of Cojirou's Meadows from the Front Gate, and is said to be utterly indestructible. Originally consisting of a single chatroom, the Chat Tower has undergone much redesign since its first establishment.


There is often disagreement as to the appearance, layout, and structure of the chat tower; however, there is a general consensus on the chat tower's top and bottom floors.


The Chat Tower's most active room by far is #lobby, which is also known as the cbox. Located on the ground floor, it is a large and comfortable ice-cream-parlor-and-bar, usually containing many tables and chairs. The exact appearance of the lobby- and the entire chat tower- varies depending on the person who views it.

The refreshments counter is known to serve a large variety of beverages, including: Max-approved Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, root beer, water, milk, "tea", Aprijuice, coffee, etc. As previously stated, the front doors and walls do not completely shatter when crashed into by a Skarmory or a member in flight, unlike glass. Nechaken, Route 50's current Sniper, dwells in the rafters above the lobby.


It is generally agreed that the staff chatroom is the top floor of the chat tower, and is the place from which the staff perform their jobs. The staffroom, of course, is only accessible to staff members, and thus its exact appearance varies even more so than #lobby's. Whenever portrayed by a staff member, #staff is generally portrayed in a way respective to his or her relationship and position with the staff.

Custom Chatrooms

Members are also permitted to create alternate chatrooms with a name, description, and access permissions of their choice. When a custom chatroom is considered to be located outside of the chat tower, it is sometimes labeled as a "cbox", in the same way that #lobby is.


Each room has a script designed to detect and identify any members in the room at the moment, and lists such members on the sidebar. This script is accurate enough that it can identify members within a minute of their entering the room. However, due to certain mysterious glitches, members have been known to occasionally vanish from the chat after roughly 90 seconds. When a member "vanishes", the cbox no longer acknowledges their prescence, and stops loading new chat messages into their browser until they "reappear" by posting in the chat again. It is unknown why this phenomenon occurs; however, Quetzacoatl is suspected to be involved.