Cotton Candy Tails are a tasty and delicious delicacy on Route 50. They are, more or less, cotton candy in the shape of Vulpix or Ninetales tails. Cotton candy tails are only obtainablle by plucking them from SkyWarrior, the only member of Route 50 with cotton-candy tails (as well as the only member of Route 50 who ever had such tails. This makes SkyWarrior a target for the multitudes of candy-loving Route 50 members, especially Sky's own friend, Twill. Although SkyWarrior is also able to regrow her tails within three seconds of a tail being plucked, the harvesting of a cotton-candy tail can still be painful. Due to their great rarity and popularity, Sky is extremely protective of her light pink and blue tails, and will generally set tail thieves on fire with her flamethrower or shoot them in the face with a well-aimed water gun attack. Nonetheless, tail hunting remains a popular sport in Route 50, as many generally agree that the rewards greatly outweigh the consequences.

Where Cotton Candy Tails originated

It was the day that Sky Warrior created a small and cute vulpix that she base off of herself, this vulpix's fur was light blue and pink. When Twill read this the first thought that came to him was 'cotton candy' so, seeing this he poke rayed Sky Warrior into a vulpix that posses cotton candy tails.