Also known as Bendy Straw, Bedknee, Katerwal, or Starfruit. Member 1211, she joined in V3 of EHQ. Originally known as Webmistress, then Neko-Chan, then Bendy Straw, then Creamsicle. She is shmexay, and often starts new projects, but rarely finishes them. President of the Route 50 MSPA Fanclub, it is quite probable that she was the first member to read Homestuck. Easily identifiable in chat by her overuse of tildes, hearts, and combinations of the word "sexy".

For the sake of random awesomeness, it will be stated that she and Max once collaborated and made a story, whose main characters were a sweet old lady, who wanted some potatoes; a giraffe named Melvin, who didn't survive; a man, who, in a flashback, was the lady's father; a gameshow host, who, in the flashback, killed the lady's father; and a sweet young girl, who was the sweet old lady as a child. She kicked the gameshow host in the unmentionables and ran off, crying uncontrollably. After the lady awoke from the flashback (she was driving a car with Melvin in it), she crashed, and Melvin had been killed.

In an attempt to continue the story, Creamsicle and Max began collaborating again, this time with Melvin rising out of a swamp, as a skeleton. The sweet old lady was trying to make amends, but it is unknown what happened, because Creamsicle and Max just weren't feeling up to writing the rest of the story.

In short, Creamsicle is amazing, smells of muffins and blows your mind in too many ways possible. She also once sang an awesome duet with the incredibly attractive Metal.