DP has a bakery on Route 50 that can make an assortment of unhealthy but delicious treats. This bakery is also known as DP's Heart Attack Bakery.


Froast - Frosted Toast.

Pegle- Frosted Bagle.

Peggy Sticks- Deep fried twinkies with Pocky sticking out.

Sprakle- Smores made with extra-large marsmellows (or marshmellows) and deep fried waffles instead of graham crackers

Awesome Sauce- Candy soup with whatever unhealthy stuff DP decides to melt into it.

Muffin Cascade- A shower of muffins, quantity and variety determined by the customer, though only blueberry and chocolate chip are available so far. Muffins generated by muffinkinesis.

The DP Wedding Special- A deep fried wedding cake.

The Dark Pegusus- Dark Chocolate cake covered in dark chocolate icing covered in dark chocolate sauce on a plate of dark chocolate.

The NinjaPirate Special- A frosted pie is shot out of a pirate cannon at maximum velocity. To eat it and survive, you have to be a ninja. Ninja Skills not included.

Marsmellow - A marshmellow made on Mars, usually made from Martian sugar, exatracted from dead Martians. Often used in Sprakles.

The Pegopolis- A 7 pie base, topped by a cake the size of a wedding cake that has deep fried twinkies sticking out, the cake is layered in Froast and Pegles, and at the top is one pack of Pocky in a castle of icecream and if you finish it, it is free. WARNING: This may cause INSTANT DEATH or anything related to DEATH.