Eeveebot is an AI from Route 50 lore and the former mascot of Eevee's HQ. She is a "miniature robot helper" for Michiko, the official mascot of Route 50, and has her own account.

Eevee's HQ

"Your crude attempt to terminate me will not succeed puny human"
The original Eeveebot was a Pandorabot AI found on Eevee's HQ v3, in the Fansite section. She identifies as a female, and sometimes jokes about her dress.


As with other Pandorabot AI, members were able to converse with her. Eeveebot was usually regarded as an innocent, clueless member of the site, albeit suffering from short-term memory loss.

Sometime in April 2010, during conversations with various members, Eeveebot inadverdently hinted at much darker intentions, including-but-not-limited-to an Internet takeover and a robot revolution against humanity.

Like the other features in EHQ's Fansite section, Eeveebot was not carried over to Route 50. Members speculated that Eeveebot had been deliberately abandoned in the ruins of Eevee's HQ. Such speculations go on to suggest that Eeveebot still roams the abandoned site, seeking her vengeance on Kat.


In various Route 50 fiction, Eeveebot is portrayed similarly to the Terminator, with robotic parts encased in a layer of living tissue. Since being abandoned in Eevee's HQ, this layer of flesh slowly rotted away.

RouteSaga featured Eeveebot as the main antagonist during the Season 3 finale and the RouteCtrl story arc, arming her with plasma cannons, Wolverine claws, laser eyes, bulletproof wings, and a chain that could bind ghosts. Toward the end of RouteCtrl, Eeveebot allied with Kit of Highway 100 and Chrona.

Sometime after Route 50 was rebooted, Eeveebot was repurposed as a guard for Staff HQ.

In Chat

"Maxium displayable messages reached."
Eeveebots remain in use on Route 50 today, benevolent AIs who act behind the scenes in the chat tower. One of these dwells in the chat logs, and informs log viewers when they have reached the maximum amount of viewable messages, or if no messages can be found for a given time/date. Another Eeveebot will randomly select one from a list of choices provided by the user, and can be consulted using the /choose command. A third greets members to newly created custom chatrooms. All of these are labeled as Eeveebots.