Fexible (a.k.a. fexiled, connecticats) is a director at Route 50. With a member ID of 26, she is one of the earliest members of the site.


Fexible is friendly and easygoing, though often mischievous in chat. Like other writers on Route 50, her great enemy is the dreaded Writer's Block. She is also a pixel artist.

In Multi Battles, she is the owner of an absolutely brutal Skarmory that even frustrated Metatyph, one of the most brilliant Pokemon battlers on the site.


In the past, she gained a notorious reputation for lurking in the chat. This led to various titles such as "Duchess of Lurkington," the "Lurk Queen", and "lurk ninja." Though now a much more active chatter, she is often likened to a spy, always present.

When the chat is dead, Fex will absorb lurkers into the Lurking Mass. No one can escape it, though MysteriousVaporeon is in denial.


As a moderator, Fex's patrol areas were Galleries and Polls. She was later promoted to a director, or global moderator.


Fexible likes Star Trek, Steins;Gate, and other sci-fi series. While she likes time-travel stories, she despises predestination paradoxes, feeling that it infringes on the ability of time travel to change anything, even the past.

She writes amusing text posts on Tumblr and in the Route 50 Stream.

In some Route 50 stories, her weapon is a phaser. She and DarkPegusus sometimes exchange Star Trek-related jokes about Route 50. They are the discoverers of Routian Space, which Fex explores in her starship Epsilon. Fexible has an innate adoration for tribbles.

Fex is also a great fan of Ace Attorney.


Persona: Short blond hair, glasses, a brown and tan striped longsleeve sweater, jeans, red converse sneakers. 

Pokesona: "Pikarai", a Pikachu with both Pikachu and Raichu ears and a Raichu tail.