Frosti's persona, with a plaid jacket

Frosti (a.k.a. Frosti Kat) is an EHQ v2 era member of Route 50, as well as the site's Coordinator. She is a popular artist, known for a calm, accommodating personality. She is usually quite open with her thoughts.

Frosti's history of Pokesonas as of July 2012


Frosti is one of the more popular members of the site. She also has a healthy social life offline, however. In the past, Frosti was an avid roleplayer, though she rarely roleplays now. She is pretty open with her thoughts and doesn't hesitate to speak her mind.

Frosti also loves puns.

Frosti is known to possess "snow powers" during winter, which causes heavy snowfall over a certain area and increases the chance of causing a snow day (i.e. school is cancelled).  In the past, if Twill or MiniMoose (her younger brother) misbehaved, Frosti would reach for her garden hose and spray them with water.

She is close friends with SkyWarrior and Maestra, among many, many others. She generally has good relations with all of her friends, though.


As the site's coordinator, Frosti is responsible for organizing site-wide events, such as the Routelympics and RouteScouts.

Initially, her staff tag was co. For a brief (read: very long time) her tag was changed to "thug". Her username was bright red, increased in font size, underlined, and accompanied by two fists. After Kat reverted Frosti to a coordinator, Frosti's staff tag has been coord (with a space between the tag and the name).


Frosti tends to enjoy most things that her friends enjoy, including Fire Emblem: Awakening, Kingdom Hearts, The Legend of Zelda, and of course, Pokemon. She is also a fan of Adventure Time and Homestuck.

Frosti enjoys a multitude of bands, including (but not limited to) Gorillaz, of Montreal, Passion Pit, and Modest Mouse.

Her favorite Pokemon is notoriously Furret, though there are a fair number of Pokemon she loves, including Glaceon, Chatot, Archen, Flygon, and Crobat,


Persona: Silver hair with blue highlights, blue eyes, blue scarf, light-blue shirt, darker-gray jacket, a pair of blue-white wings floating at her back. Pants are generally blue or blue-gray. The exact details vary from drawing to drawing, as part of Frosti's personal philosophy.

Pokesona: A Sneasel with blue eyes and a blue scarf.

Fursona: Arctic fox (non-anthro). Still wears a blue scarf. TWO scarves, actually. But one's on the tail. A butt scarf, persay.


  • Frosti has two faces. She has a video game as her second face