World in hands1

You are not a god, roleplayers. You do not have the whole world in your hands.

Godmodding is the act of giving oneself unfairly high levels of power or invincibility when roleplaying, or pseudo-roleplaying on bases and the chat, or controlling other people's and/or their characters' thoughts, words, or actions. The banning of godmodding is a telltale sign of stability to a roleplay, as godmodding is, in essence, the opposition of a structured roleplay.

Godmodding is heavily frowned upon by the staff and community of Route 50, and is banned from all official roleplays. However, the ban on godmodding is nonexistent in the chat and the bases, as to oppose godmodding there by its very nature identifies pseudo-roleplaying as organized roleplaying, which is banned from the chat in the first place.