Highway 100 Meadows?

Highway 100 is the dark-world counterpart to Route 50, sealed away in the depths of a Soviet-Russia style alternate universe. It is ruled by Kat's evil twin, Kit, who rules over evil clones of Route 50 members.

Route 50 researchers have recorded a high level of Tails Doll sightings in Highway 100.


Fexible first discovered Highway 100 during a comparison of Frosti and Twill, who were so similar that they had matching brainwaves. Highway 100 was initially hypothethesized as Twill's homeworld, with Twill being Frosti's counterpart, though this hypothesis was later disproven.

The existence of Highway 100 was confirmed after Sparkleaf threw Pope and his Box into an abyss, unintentionally sending him to Highway 100. Pope remained in Highway for eight months. After his return, others investigated the area on their own, but interest quickly waned.


Little is known about Highway 100, as Pope is the only known Route 50 member to enter HIghway 100 and return. The area is populated largely by evil clones of Route 50 members, led by Kit.

Many demons are believed to originate from here, including evil keyboards, typo fairies, Luvdiscs, and certain Gen 5 Pokemon such as Scraggy (christened "Ohgawd").

During his time there, Pope recorded sightings of viruses in the form of cacodemons.