Kat (formerly Eeveechan) is the administrator, founder, and webmistress of Route 50. She is sometimes revered by Rt50ites as a queen, empress, or goddess.



Kat founded Eevee's HQ in 2005, hidden behind what appeared to be a gardening website. She started by imitating other websites at first, but learned to code herself. Over the years, she developed and refined her technique.

With help from Navarr and Electron, Kat released Eevee's HQ v2 in 2007, followed by v3 in 2008. Later, to expand beyond the realm of "just Eevee", the site was renamed to Route 50 in 2010.


As the site's chief developer, Kat innovated the many ideas and concepts which have gone into Route 50 to make it the legendary community that it is now. She is friendly and easygoing, but addresses troublemakers efficiently (though also playfully).

She is close friends with Xetaja, who she met in real life at summer camp before founding Eevee's HQ.

In 2011, during the Transformice craze, Kat developed a reputation as Katbeard the Young.

In real life, Kat works for BuzzFeed. She is (was?) known for her love of Pepsi and Goldfish crackers.


  • In fiction, Kat is often portrayed with a taser. Interestinly, Kat does own a taser in real life.
  • In 2011, in response to the popularity of licking avatars from deviantArt, Kat (jokingly) declared an "Imperial ban" on licking avatars.