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Swotsy in all her manliness. -nodnod-

Kstan/Swotsy is a mysterious director on Route 50 who is a gigantic magical orange sea turtle with a moustache made of rainbows. Or so they say. NOT REALLY THAT MYSTERIOUS. I can guess what this dumbutt thinks before she even know what they are thinking.

Her hobbies include drawing, lurking, eating people, spreading the hatred of Luvdisc, playing too many video games, being lazy, and talking about herself a lot. AND FARTING.


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Once upon a time, a spaceship from the planet *makes weird sounds* crashed in the high desert. From the embers of the toxic flames crawled a creature. The creature had pink hair all over its body. The creature had a large tentacle eroding from its nether region. This creature is known as KSTAN.


Kstan's mannerisms tend to be random, including random speech, random feasting on other members, and many more random stuff that cannot be thought of, because that is how much random stuff Kstan does. Randomly.

She is also very confused as to who her cyberparents are, particularly because she is secretly everyone's cyberparents, and not-so-secretly everyone's cyber-husband.



Kstan is a director (otherwise referred to as a global moderator) on Route 50. Her status as a World Turtle tends to confuse fellow staff members, due to the fact that she is sometimes on the world, and sometimes the world is on her. Her staff-ops codename is DELIVERER. Aside from supervising missions, she may possibly distribute packages picked up by HUNTER (usually by eating them), quickly sending them to the recipients (who were also eaten). This brat is punk and can easily be taken over by throwing her stuff animals out the window...I should know I've done it.

Family Tree

Because she is always the man in any of her relationships (with the exception of Max), Kstan is one of the manliest members on Route 50, sometimes regarded as far as the second manliest. Or possibly the whole Interwebs. Or possibly the world. Kstan is also married to Charles, Lizard, Nelauk, and anyone you may possibly ever know in existence, including her own offspring. They have had many sexy manchildren together. Myes. And Swotsy is also married to you, whoever you are, even if you aren't aware who Swotsy is. She is also known to have a multitude of paradoxical, incestious children.

Regardless of any miconceptions spread by Choco, Kstan/Swotsy is not a Swosty and never has been a Swosty. There is no such thing as a Swosty, and we are very sure that there has never, ever been such a thing as a Swosty. Mistaking Kstan/Swotsy for a Swosty will result in dire consequences. You have been warned.

She's got like 10 cats that don't love her and weird looking dog.