Route50 electron


Electron is one of the three administrators of Route 50, and is officially certified awesome. He helped Kat to code a majority of the site from scratch during Eevee's HQ v2, namely the forums and the member system, and built the coding which forms the Route 50 "Core".

Electron is also known for his love of JOHTO, and is known- along with Kat- to bolden the name of their favorite region whenever mentioned.

In the EHQ Saga, Electron is portrayed as wearing Giovanni's raincoat and hat from HeartGold and SoulSilver, while in the Route 50 Saga, he is portrayed as a disembodied floating red orb.

His talents precede himself and Kat and Navarr attribute his extreme awesomeness to his being 1) naturally wildly intelligent and 2) a foreigner.