Frosti insyte

Insyte in his greatest battle

Insyte Faldsem is a character from Sparkleaf's fanfiction, LotE, and arguably his most popular character. He is an Umbreon-turned-Flareon who eventually becomes the king of Cinnabar.

Sparkleaf would often joke about Insyte's popularity (such as being swarmed by adoring fans), as many of his readers named Insyte as their favorite character.

On Maestra's Tomodachi Life file, Insyte was married to Fexible. They had one son, Chi, Fex's PIkachu. This led to a series of father-son jokes about Crisis in Multiple Pokeworlds, as both Chi and Insyte are in the rp. For unknown reasons, Fex and Insyte divorced. fex has been dismayed ever since

As a running joke, whenever Insyte dies in Route 50 fiction, he is reborn as an Umbreon and has to work his way back up to a Flareon.