Luce, browsing the internet in the comfiest way.

Luce was a member of Route 50 and a former moderator. Xe was known for spontaneity and randomness in the chat. Xyr real-life name is Chris, and xe loves Lucarios. Xe enjoyed playing around and did not like to act like an adult, though xe was much older than others.


Luce was known as a "charming madman" for messing around with people and/or wooing them with Southern charm. 

During EHQ v3, he had a tendency to use the Pokeray, a transformation gun, on other members. He also sometimes drank "sweet tea", becoming drunk and silly. 

Xe originally identified as male, but later idenfied as genderless. Xyr closest friends are SkyWarrior and Leopard. As a moderator, xyr patrol areas were the Chat, the Forums, and Bases.


Luce is also known for touting xyr various personas. Xyr ponysona is named Moonlight Star, his fursona is a genderless Cheetah-taur named, and his Pokesona is a Twilcario (fusion of Umbreon, Espeon, and Lucario).


Luce loves RPGs, strategy games, and puzzle/logic games, as xe enjoys playing games that force xyr to think and strategize. He loves the second generation of Pokemon, especially Crystal.

When playing multiplayer games, Luce prefers to take utility roles (such as healing/status magics) rather than combative roles. In Route 50 stories, his weapons include a pair of tessen, several chakrams, and a bow and quiver of various arrow types.


Luce joined in 2009 under the username Twilla, the name of his Umbreon/Espeon fusion OC. He immediately delved into into stories and roleplays, gaining a strong reputation. Later, he changed his name to Twill, dropping the "a" so that people would not confuse him for a girl. In 2010, he was appointed as a moderator.

Though he always tried to treat his friends well, he was easily set off and found himself at odds with various other members. These conflicts compounded with various real life issues, and he eventually resigned as a moderator in early 2014.

After disappearing for a year, he left a farewell journal entry in late 2015, in which he apologized to other members, and confirming that he would not be returning to the site.

Creative Works

The (Un)official Rt50/EHQ Sprite Comic

Luce occasionally created sprite comics about Route 50 lore using PMD sprites. These comics served as a precursor to the trend of active interest in Route 50 mythos, and served as inspiration for other people's Route-related works,


Luce was also known for xyr podcast series, usually about Route 50, Pokemon, other video games, and any other thing that crossed xyr mind while recording, though they tend to be interrupted by the wild and dangerous Wild Tangents. The podcasts sometimes featured skit thumbnails drawn by Xetaja. One podcast featured Kat as a guest, and Luce expressed interest in having others participate in his podcasts.