"Hoooo yaaaaaaaaah!"

- Sparky

MACHOMAN is an inside joke that is not fully understood even by those who are most familiar with it, and is used primarily to emphasise how manly something is. Ironically, most members regarded as manly are females, while several of the few males on the site are regarded as feminine. The term MACHOMAN, however, is rarely used to refer to anyone outside of Sparky, who is in fact a manly male.

Manly Girls

  • Kstan
  • Coolio
  • Silvair
  • Frosti
  • Nechaken

Feminized Men

  • MysteriousVaporeon
  • Pope
  • Twill
  • Navarr
  • Sparkleaf i will murder you in your sleep


The raw idea behind MACHOMAN was created by Kat in a mini-script titled "Rt50 Puppet Theatre" she posted in the staff boards on August 10th 2010, when she wrote "Hoo yaaah!" as a line that Sparky says. Sparky, in the post immediately below, used the MACHOMAN tag for the first time ever, and an unknown administrator (possibly Electron) was so amused by the whole thing that they added the MACHOMAN tag to Route 50 permanently.

The [machoman] bb code tag was originally used to create large, bold text with every individual letter set to a random size. As with all randomized things on the site, the randomized sizes were seeded by timestamp. Eventually, it was removed, along with [nickyn00] and [rainbow].

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