Metal in all of his beautiful glory...

Metal is a member of Route 50. He joined the community during Eevee's HQ v2 stage. He is a 16 year old male who was born in a small town of Nebraska on March 2nd, 1994. He is in way too many activities(band[drum major/alto sax], cross country, track, Student Council, school newspaper, choir, jazz choir). He is going to be a Junior in High School this 2010-2011 school year. He is "hopefully" known for trying to design interesting, yet simplistic, bases. He was Pokeray'd into a Skarmory, where he was revealed to be Sparkleaf's trusty steed.

Metal went under these aliases in the past: SuperUmbreon, Zangsol, Viewtiful Zang, Zangeon, Metalman, Metal.

Web Career

Metal joined the Pokemon Web Community back in 2002 on a popular website called Mew's Hangout. He was known as SuperUmbreon and wasn't very "web informed". Soon enough he changed his name to Zangeon and learned the ways of the interweb. He learned basic HTML and a little CSS and created his website known as Zangoose's Palace. However, it suffered from a lack of creativity and soon enough died, though mainly because of his host going down. During this time, he found EHQ and asked the wonderful webmistress of it, then known as Eeveechan, if EHQ could host his site. Before the release, Zangsol then changed his name to Zangeon and his site became Zangeon's Hangout. Much like his site before him it died because of lack of creativity. Then for a while, Zangeon disappeared from the web. Around July of 2009 he returned, known as Metalman. He changed Zangeon's Hideout into PokeSource. During this site he shortened his name to Metal This site was probably his best attempt at creating an active site. It was a part of the PKMN Nation Network and was fairly active. However, soon enough the network died and so did his site. He is currently contemplating making another site, but is unsure because of his past attempts.


Metal has attempted to join many roleplays but has ultimately failed. He tends to die after a few post never to post again. However, he has been quoted to say he his trying to change that.