Moon The Eevee Computer Colored

Drawn in MS Paint by Moon95

Moon has been a member of Route 50 since Eevee's HQ. Known as the PWN Goddess, she is best known for her love of cookies (particularly Oreos) and her hatred of Zac Efron. She is SkyWarrior's oldest daughter, and as such, has a strong love for RPing. She is very friendly and cheerful towards other members in the chat, even when she becomes exhausted from real life. Her good friends include SkyWarrior, Sparkleaf, Twill, Frosti, Pope, Maestra, and many others.


Moon's two main hobbies on Route 50 are roleplaying and drawing, particularly when they involve her fandom interests- such as Kingdom Hearts and MLP: FiM. She is an Eevee with blue-tipped ears, violet-striped legs, a crescent moon on her flank, and a star over one eye. Her favorite color is purple.

Outside of Route 50, Moon's hobbies include singing, dancing, and sleeping (because she loves to dream). Her favorite style of dance is Hip-Hop because it's fast and hard hitting and fun but she also does Modern and Jazz. Whenever she becomes obsessed with a fandom, she usually makes up her own character and dreams in her own world, which she sometimes writes stories about. Although she hasn't posted many stories on Route 50, she hopes to become a famous author one day.


Moon's first friends on EHQ were SkyWarrior and Ryu, whom she first talked to on the cbox. She eventually joined the site to hang out with them, and began to delve into numerous RPs on the site. One of these was PttR, in which her character was her now-famous Pokesona.

A long time after Route 50's release, Moon tried to get Pope to marry her, to the displeasure of both Sky and Pope. She is currently one of the better-established and more cheerful members on the site.