Mt. Blagden is a volcanic mountain where SkyWarrior lives.


The volcano is located on the outskirts of Route 50. Torch can be found wandering around the summit, but only if you visit at a certain time of day.

Although Sky makes her home here, her children live elsewhere on Route 50.

This volcano only ever goes dormant when SkyWarrior is offline, and becomes active when Sky gets online again. 

When Sky notices that the roleplays have all died, the volcano erupts into a fiery maelstrom of destruction, and the people of Route 50 cower beneath her rage (or in some cases, are chased to the RPs).

Mine Shaft


Sky's Mine (not to be confused with Sky's mind) is a mining shaft with large quantities of unknown mineral deposits. This mine is probably where Sky's typoes live. However, no one is quite sure where the mine is, except for Sky herself.

Some suspect that Frosti's Buizel army mines for precious metals in this mine for DarkPegusus.


  • Icysaur
  • Glareon
  • The tree that jumps silently
  • Growling "trout"
  • Leaf (Chikorita) with "wines"
  • Rootbears
  • A rooster of characters
  • The demented Moogle (not a typo)