The Random Button is the signature weapon of RubyPikachu, a special control box which triggers a random (and generally destructive) event in the local chat. Its effects are usually derived from Super Smash Bros Brawl, and tend to destroy the interior of the affected chatroom. The button's likeliest and most popularized effect is the Bob-omb Barrage, in which Para-bob-ombs rain down from the ceiling upon the heads of all the chatters, usually forcing members to take refuge under couches and tables (in a similar fashion to Bob-omb rains during Sudden Death rounds in SSBB). Regardless of the activated event, however, the Random Button tends to have a delay of up to one minute between activation and occurance (according to Ruby's device, the Random Number Predictor).

Known Effects

Bob-omb Barrage: Summons a volley of Para-bob-ombs to rain down from the ceiling on all the chatters.

Master Hand Summon: Summons Master Hand, who either attempts to smush chat members in giant hand form or stalks Ruby; alternatively, sometimes Master Hand will appear in the form of Tace.

Explosion: Causes the user to explode. Only works with Ruby.

Rainbow Dragoon (Note: This is the Dragoon from Kirby's Air Ride, not to be confused with the class from Final Fantasy): Summons the Rainbow Dragoon from Kirby's Air Ride to OHKO a chatter.

Gravity Reversal: Causes gravity to reverse itself.

Smash Ball: Summons a Smash Ball that can fix itself.