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Rosebunny (a.k.a. SkyGummi, forgettingiscertain) is a member of Route 50. She is a reclusive but seemingly cheerful person, lurking and when engaged in conversation, her passive ability 'formality barrier' will take effect, and she will hide the most mundane of musings in layers of frilly words to compensate for ineptitude.

Activity levels are minimal, and she is highly skilled in shutting down conversations.


She is close friends with twiggy. Known for her uniquely limited art style and whimsical, though rarely seen, pseudo-poetry.


She enjoys breaking twiggy's heart by tumbling about Daytime Shooting Star, colonizing worlds in Terraria and Starbound and spreading the glorious reign of the Sunflower Kingdom, the hierarchy of dreams and flowers in blue and gold.


  • Member #3217
  • Nicknamed "gumdrop" or "gummi" - and super-ultra-cool-friends with a total dork whooo
  • In love with magical girls
  • The least motivated but most headstrong