Seromi (preferred if you call her Sero) is a very odd fanfic writer/artist/lurker who lurks in the chatrooms of Route 50 and stalks the community of Mt. Silver, belonging to Silvair of Rt. 50. She monitors the oddity/crazy/insanity/psycho levels of Rt. 50 from time to time.


Supposedly known as Kaeri-chan on EHQ, but died very early before hardly meeting anyone at all. After many months on end, she came back to life and joined Route 50 as Seromi. That's when she broke up many, many n00bish habits and cleaned up her spelling and grammar errors. Although, she still couldn't break her obsession of role-playing, and was very much inspired to have a career that involved creativity. She still is today, but rather more in the graphical realms. Sero opened a new shop dedicated to drawing and graphics.

Ever since the split between her technically cyber/virtual/digital parents, she has lived on her own with her lover, Darklite, and her beloved daughter, Sheep (also a real-life friend).

Anyway, if you would like to trade/battle or anything, her FC for her SoulSilver is 1205 3902 6049. Currently, she is attempting to complete two Nuzlocke runs.


Seromi tends to randomly jump off cliffs in the Chat Towers of Route 50. This causes many members to panic, especially Sparkleaf and Frosti, Seromi's theoretical parents. They then proceed to fly off the cliff to save their child's from her lemming habits' consequence. There was once a time in the chat where Nechaken possessed Seromi, and it was finally known to the world that Seromi just has a natural urge to leap off of cliffs. She cannot control it, but it is unknown where these genes for lemmings originate from.

It's also known that Seromi has some genes from Twill, where she pokes the carcasses of recently slain members. She, however, pokes dead things rarely nowadays.

Miscalleneous Facts

  • Finished only one Nuzlocke:
    • FireRed - success, not planned for recording soon
  • Aiming to finish the following Nuzlockes:
    • SoulSilver
    • Pearl
  • Currently on the following Nuzockes:
    • Yellow
    • Emerald
    • White
  • Obsessed with Nuzlockes.
  • Leads a very sad life IRL.
  • Apparently a lemming goddess according to user Frosti.