Silv in reaction to everything

A mysterious and cunning member, who is always hiding in the shadows. She loves TF2 and Homestuck (kind of). She likes talking geek and has a lot of inside jokes that you probably won't get (and never will).

She's kind of out of the loop, and has literally no acquaintance with any Route 50 inside jokes. This is mostly due to her frequent vomiting on paper and labeling it as ""ART"". She's done this a lot in 2 years. 300+ times, to be exact.

Because of the ridiculous amount of testosterone coursing through her veins, Silvair has been mistaken for a man many times over. So, she's taken matters into her own hands and now has adopted the title of gender neutral. This doesn't mean she won't rage whenever you call her a guy in her face (or behind her back), though. Think before you speak.

Silvair will eat you in your sleep. This isn't a joke. Watch your back.

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