Skarmory is a Flying/Steel Pokemon with its own emote on Route 50.

As a means of entrance

Sparkleaf had a tendency to enter the chat by crashing through the wall on the back of a Skarmory. This would uusally proovke Navarr to revoke Sparkleaf's flying license.

In Sparkleaf's fanfiction, LotE, Sparktail and Kyria enter the Lavender Radio Tower by crashing through the wall on the back of a Skarmory.

As a source of pain

In multi battles in ORAS, Fexible had a tendency to lead with her Skarmory, Simon, who holds Leftovers and knows Substitute Because other battlers would change their lineup, they often found themselves without a fire or electric type to eliminate Skarmory toward the end of the battle, who was for all intents and purposes invincible. Fairy-types such as Gardevoir, who could power through most other Pokemon, would quickly fall to the might of Simon. Tremendous frustration ensued.

After Sparkleaf's Milotic proved capable of consistently taking down Simon with Hydro Pump, Fex trained a new Skarmory with mostly perfect IVs, named "Your Fave." This prompted Maestra and Metatyph to train Pokemon specifically to destroy Fex's Skarmories. To this day, Metatyph cringes at the sight of a Skarmory.