About Skitter

Skitter has been a member of Route50 for a long time. Emily is her real name she is totally in love in Cloud Strife. Skitters old user name was waterdonky, when EeveesHQ was changed to Route50 she changed it. She is always adding stuff to her gallery and she loves to be random and silly. She has been Pokerayed once. Skitter owns a website .eeveehq as a host. In Route50 her favourite place is in the chat and on her own profile because she thinks its cool.

Skitter loves to sing and play a bit of keys, she want's to learn guitar and loves going on music camp. In one of her photos she is wearing a panda hat, and colourful armwarmers, Skitter loves to be colourful.

She only just stumbled upon this page in 2017 and never knew this existed. LOL. (Her writing right now) she's 22 from Australia and all grown up. She has had several usernames over the decade or her internet adventures. Skitterkins, skitterscloud, oreoorca. She uses Galaxy Kitten Designs as her art account name.

She doesn't use route50 anymore but mostly uses Instagram. She never learnt any instruments and doesn't wear arm warmers anymore. I love to sing but I'm awful at it.

Her Favourite Animes

Grovyle is her fevourite Pokemon, she loves Pokemon. Shugo Chara, K-ON!, Tokyo mew mew, Sailor moon, naruto and death note. She wants to be a anime character and rock out!