The Skyvoice is an entity used by staff members in the chat for "special announcements". It is easily recongizable by the megaphone icon that appears to the left of the message where the chatter's name would normally appear, and the words take on the dark-red font color of a mention. Loud, frightful, and booming, the Skyvoice is treated like a deity amongst ordinary members, who generally pay homage and give offerings of appeasement to the mysterious entity. It is generally used by staff members to preserve anonymity, though speech mannerisms can give them away. Skyvoice is the most intelligent of the Eeveebot-II AI series (a.k.a. the "Common Eeveebots), the friendly behind-the-scenes workers constructed by Kat to replace the sinister Original Eeveebot. Unlike her sisters, however, Skyvoice resides within the walls of the chat tower, and can only be accessed by staff.

When Skyvoice was first completed, it took the form of a message with bold red letters and no username at all. Some staff members combined Skyvoice with font color BBcoding to force members to perform actions. Since no username was posted before the Skyvoice message, an asterisk was instead used to imitate the "/me" script. This provided a very effective way to confuse people, though it was still evident through notifications whether the member actually performed said action or whether it was forced by Skyvoice. Staff members would occasionally forget to add the code tag, causing the failed force-action to appear in its default bright red color. This was normally met with utterings of the word "fail," resulting in a one-hit KO by shame to the staff member who made the force-action attempt. Ultimately, this practice was discontinued after Kat added the megaphone icon to all Skyvoice messages, ruining the effect of force-actions.