"hahaha *shot*"
- Various chatters

Snipers are assassins who hide in the chat lobby's ceiling with a sniper rifle, targeting those who make silly and/or stupid comments in the chat from their hidden place of secrecy. Virtually all chatters have been targets of a sniper at one point in time or another. They occured most frequently in 2010 and 2011.

It is unknown whether the snipers have any affiliation with each other. However, a few believe that the first Sniper on Route 50/Eevee's HQ founded a secret society of snipers, sort of like a hunting club, except with slightly more dangerous game.

"The" Sniper

Necha Sniper
Some time in 2011, a sniper entered the forums and went on a sniping rampage, beginning with Electron. Lec's words at the time suggested that he had been sniped before, implying that the sniper was used to spontaneous sniping sprees. This sniper was later revealed to be Max, the first Sniper.

Later in the year, a second sniper rose to infamy in the chat tower. Completely legit evidence (such as the mysterious note on the right) eventually implicated Nechaken as this second Sniper.

Known Snipers: