Tails Doll

Look not into its eyes. In but an instant, you'll have no recollection of who you are...

The Tails Doll is the cybernetic god of evil, and the terror of all who roam the Internet. He is neither alive nor machine, and is bent upon the destruction and conquest of cyberspace. He was born in Sega's laboratories as the antithesis of Miles Tails Prower, and as a result, is a merciless and sadistic devil that contrasts immensely with Tails' cheerful and uplifiting personality. The Doll is easily distinguishable from his original counterpart by the glowing red crystal dangling from his forehead, the cruel stitches which bind together his seams, and the cruel, cold gaze in his eyes that consumes one's soul.

They who surrender their souls to the Tails Doll in exchange for letting them live become his slaves instead, and their bodies take on doll-like qualities. A Tails Doll minion has stitched seams along their body, and moves in a limp fashion not unlike a doll would. Their fur or skin takes on a slightly synthetic feel, and their heartbeat becomes fainter and less noticable. A TD minion's most eerie characteristic of all, however, is the tattoo upon the side of their lower leg, stitched in black... the initials T.D.

Tails Doll has been known to enter both reality and cyberspace to drive his targets to the brink of murderous insanity. He is the embodiment of true evil, even more so than Giratina the Exile or Aramos the Madman, and seeks to destroy all things. Strangely enough, however, the melody that plays in his prescence is "Can you feel the Sunshine?", a bright and positive song from Sonic R. The Tails Doll also has been known to stalk several members of Route 50, and is rumored to have a crush on Sky Warrior- possibly out of jealousy of her friendship with Miles Tails Prower.